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Team Reel South is our name as tournament anglers, but more than that we are two friends who believe whole-heartedly in the quote, "a bad day on the water is still better than a good day in the office."  We created Team Reel South with one purpose in mind, to enjoy fishing with amazing people. We bring in both old and new friends to share with them our love for the Louisiana marsh and to teach them key phrases such as "hey doofus, your cork went under.  What started off as a fishing partnership has turned into a life of introducing new people to the outdoors and creating memories for new and old sportsmen.

Shannon Thomas

A lifelong Mississippian, Shannon found his passion for being on the water at a very young age. He grew up catfish and crappie fishing with his grandfather and eventually grew into bass fishing in local lakes and ponds. In 1997, he made his first saltwater trip to the Mississippi gulf coast and it has been his passion ever since. He now has a camp in Plaquemines Parish LA and spends most weekends on the water with friends and family sight fishing for redfish.

Shannon began tournament fishing for redfish in 2009 and has fished tournaments at the local, regional and national level ever since that time. Everyone likes a little friendly competition and what better way to do it than fishing. Recently, he partnered up with Tripp Dargie to compete in the Tito’s Vodka Redfish Series. Shannon will also be pursuing his USCG Captains license and enjoys participating in the Wish to fish program . He is also an active member of CCA Plaquemines Parish Chapter.  In addition fo redfishing, Shannon loves to introduce newcomers to the woods and water.

Tripp Dargie

A Tennessee native, Tripp grew up with a general love of the outdoors.  Like most kids, he began fishing for bass and bream in his local lakes.  As an adult, he fell in love with the fly rod and began to chase trout and salmon.  During this time, he founded Delta Trout Unlimited chapter and where he recruited Chris Morse to help him with the chapter.  One day, Chris suggested he come to the coast for redfish.  His first fishing trip in the Louisiana Marsh was in a small, aluminum boat that Chris had affectionately named “booger”.  After his first redfish, he was hooked for life.  This love of redfish would eventually lead to the formation of a saltwater tackle company called Marsh Works.  It was through Marsh Works that Tripp met Shannon.  With a passion for the outdoors, he and Shannon became friends and fishing partners.


In addition to chasing redfish,   He is the father of 2 great kids.  Some of his best memories were made on the water and in the woods with his kids.  When he is not fishing, you can find him in the woods; ducks, deer and turkey are among his favorites.  He loves to introduce new people, especially kids, to the woods and fields for ducks, saltwater marshes for red, wood and fields for turkey. 

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